6 WordPress User Groups in Northern England all need you!

Just wanted to pimp what I think is a pretty impressive feat, as of September we will have 6 co-existing WordPress User Groups in the North of England. That’s 6 groups within 2 hours drive:

For anyone who lives in the UK and want’s to come along we have:

  • WordPress North East (Newcastle @wpnortheast)
  • WordPress Sheffield (Sheffield @wpsheff)
  • WordPress Cumbria (The Lake District @wpcumbria)
  • Manchester WordPress User Group (Manchester @mwug)
  • WordPress Leeds (Leeds, @wpleeds)
  • WordPress York (York @wp_york)

In addition this year we have had 2 WordCamps: Sheffield & Manchester with several planned for next year.

We also have WordPress Leeds “Dev Nights” a Condensed Conference solely focused on Design and Development. The next one is September 23rd If you can, come along it will be a great evening, with talks on WP-CLI, WP-API in theme development, Composer and contributing to _S

So now for the most important part of this post, we need speakers! To support 6 User groups we* cycle through our “regular” speakers quite quickly. So if you are in the region get in touch with your local group and come speak!

Pimping over :smile:

*Each group is it’s own thing, I’m using We loosly and speak primarily only for WordPress Leeds.