Accepting Guest Posts from WordPress Developers

Hello :wave:

I enjoy supporting other developers and I have a high PR/DR domain in the WordPress sector that I would be happy to lend as a platform for guest publishing.

Ideally I am accepting articles that feature/introduce a project you are working on in the WordPress space.

Please feel free to reach out to me here via DM or through a social account listed in my profile here if you are interested in leveraging the above site to introduce your work.

Warm regards,

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Love this! Thank you for doing this. Just followed you on Twitter - my handle is @ravijayagopal . Will DM you there shortly.

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Hi, is this offer still available? I would be glad to send you an article, I am a WordPress developer and selling my stuff on CodeCanyon -> @CodeRevolution. Please let me know if I am not too late. :slight_smile:

Thank you.