An invitation to ask Jeff of WP Tavern your best questions

(Steven Gliebe) #1

I asked Jeff Chandler of WP Tavern if I could interview him for an article on the Pro Plugin Directory Blog and he agreed. While coming up with questions, @Dev and I had a little discussion about how the key to a good interview is good questions. Interviews are boring to read when obvious questions are asked. I want to publish an interesting article and I figure the best way to do that is to…

…ask everybody on WP Chat to submit their best questions for Jeff

The theme of the article is “under the hood and behind the scenes” of WP Tavern. I want to extract the most interesting / useful information from Jeff about his work with the hallowed old Tavern. Since we cannot torture him for this information, we will have to make like Barbara Walters and ask incredible questions.

Ready. Set. Go!

(Michael Beil) #2

Ask Jeff,

“What got you into writing?”

(Matt Medeiros) #3

What has surprised him the most about the WordPress news industry?
What has been the biggest challenge as a writer?
What does your daily routine look like?
Do you interact with Audrey Capital at any capacity? (Meetings, reports, etc)
How do you decide on long-term goals for The Tavern? Things like new content, new staff, new design/direction?
What other publishers inspire you, outside of WordPress?
Which advancements in WordPress excite you the most?
Where do you see WordPress in 3/5/10 years?
How would you change the experience? (i.e. setting up self-hosted WordPress, finding the right themes & plugins.)
Do you want to see more non-WordCamp events or do we have enough?

(Neil Murray) #4

I’d be interested to hear from Jeff about some of the times he feels WP Tavern (and his actions) have changed the way WordPress developed for the better. How does he go about this and how does he see WP Tavern’s influence being used to continue this in the future.

(Steven Gliebe) #5

Thanks guys. Great questions so far! The more, the merrier so please keep it coming…

(Brin Wilson) #6

Can he ever imagine a day when he leaves the Tavern? And what might that day look like? I.e. The classic “Where do you see yourself in ten years time?”…

(Brin Wilson) #7
  • plus everything Mr Medeiros wrote above - those are some fine questions! :smile:

(Nemanja) #8

How does he, as a journalist, feel about the topic restrictions imposed on WP Tavern by its owner, Matt Mullenweg?

edit: I replaced Automattic with Matt, since it was acquired by Matt’s private enterprise, Audrey Capital.

(Brin Wilson) #9

What topic restrictions? I didn’t think there were any… no?

(Nemanja) #10

If there aren’t any, I’d love to hear Jeff say it publicly.

(Sami Keijonen) #11

Is it too late for one more question.

How does it feel to get so many shitty comments on you (like in twitter) just because there are shitty comments on WPTavern?

(Leland Fiegel) #12

Is there a cut off for questions, @stevengliebe? If it hasn’t already passed, I have a couple:

Sort of related to @samikeijonen’s question, but I’ve been noticing quite a bit of negative sentiment in regards to how the quality of the comments devolves on certain controversial WP Tavern posts. Have you considered more aggressively moderating the comments, suspending/banning certain abusive users, shying away from the more “controversial” articles, or possibly going comment-less?

Also, if you could do anything (job-wise) in the WordPress community besides writing for WP Tavern, what would you do? What about outside of the WordPress community?

(Steven Gliebe) #13

Good ones, guys!

I’m planning o packaging up the questions for Jeff on Monday (August 17), so please feel free to ask more.

(Steven Gliebe) #14

Jeff answered our questions and I published the interview today. Thanks everybody for participating!

The Community Interviews Jeff Chandler of WP Tavern

(Benjamin Intal) #15

A refreshing read! Just finished, I’m surprised there wasn’t any questions regarding podcasting. Maybe next time :slight_smile:

(Steven Gliebe) #16

It would have been great to hear more about podcasting. We do know he uses the Blubrry PowerPress plugin. But that’s all we know. Going to get Barbara Walters on the panel next time. :wink: