Announcing @ManageWP as our first exclusive sponsorship partner

So as you might have noticed, we are now running a small, text-based ad on all pages of the site. It’s visible at the top of every page.

A lot of you might’ve been able to guess from just the copy (before this thread title gave it away), ManageWP is our exclusive sponsor.

Just a little background on ManageWP in case you haven’t heard of it:

It was founded by @vprelovac back in 2010 as a centralized WordPress dashboard service, ideal for agencies, freelancers, and the like looking to better automate normally mundane tasks like updating, backups, security scans, among many other features.

It is definitely a business I admire due to their sane pricing that gets cheaper per site you add to the platform, and due to the fact that literally any WordPress site owner can find benefit in it. And most importantly, it’s definitely a brand I trust to be associated with WP Chat as a sponsor.

As a follow up to my “Pro” accounts thread, we probably won’t be doing Pro accounts any time soon. Mostly due to the fact that it would just be too expensive to custom code the feature for Discourse for it to be worth it, even though some did express interest in it. I might try to figure out some alternative, easier-to-manage benefits for those interested in donating.

Thanks for being WP chatters. And thanks to Vladimir and the rest of the ManageWP team for being our exclusive sponsor! Pretty excited about this.


Congrats on the sponsorship. Opening up to any others soon?

Thanks Matt!

I’ll be in touch if any opportunities open up. For now, I’m just doing the exclusive sponsorship, old school Post Status style.

I’m proud that we’re sponsoring such a valuable WordPress community forum. Keep fighting the good fight :smile:

Nemanja, ManageWP

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Thanks to @ManageWP for sponsoring WPChat. Really glad to hear this will generate a bit of revenue for @leland to keep the lights on.

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Congrats on the sponsorship!

Just a though, how about having 1 sponsored thread that’s pinned to the top?

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Thanks Benjamin.

I considered the sponsored thread pinned to the top. I feel like the way it’s set up now is the best compromise between value to the sponsor and unobtrusiveness to the userbase.

But who knows, it’s something I’d consider in the future, if the sponsor would be open to it as well. For now I think it’s fine though.

@leland Yeah, I like the way it is now. First time I saw it I didn’t realize it was an ad and I didn’t mind it at all. I read it though and clicked on it to check it out.

I would be interested though in a sponsored thread. My main purpose for a pinned thread would be partially for advertising, but more for highlighting my thread to get a good discussion going on for my plugin.