Announcing WPChat AMAs, and our first guest!

You may have heard of AMAs (standing for “Ask Me Anything”) from Reddit. Here’s an example of Matt Mullenweg’s, in case you’re not familiar with the format.

There are plenty of WordPress community members (including many already on WPChat!) with interesting insights to share. This is your chance to pick their brains right here on WPChat.

You may know him from his WordPress theme business, his blog full of in-depth WordPress tutorials and other writings, and his work on the theme review team.

Our first AMA guest will be @justintadlock.

It will take place next Sunday, January 25th at 7 PM EST. One week from today.

Note: This is not the actual AMA thread, so don’t ask any questions here just yet. Justin will make his own at around the time and date above. This is merely an announcement post and discussion of the AMA itself.


Great idea leland,

just question … only coders will come or people like Obama, Putin too? :sunny:

They will generally be members of the WordPress community. Could be writers, designers, developers, and/or entrepreneurs. Coincidentally, Justin falls into all four of these categories. But it could be any one of them with a story to share and value to offer.

I certainly wouldn’t say no to a world leader who was interested in doing a WPChat AMA, although I won’t hold my breath on it. :slight_smile:

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I’m also a gardener, Halo player, book lover, movie/TV junkie, and Auburn University fan/graduate. So, folks can ask about those things too. :smile:

I look forward to doing this. I’d never even heard of an AMA until Leland asked, but it sounds fun.

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:smiley: bc. Leland brings this here, we can call it LAMA

Super cool idea, but unfortunately a little bit too late for us in Europe (that’d be 1am in the morning). Hope you consider that for the next time. Anyway, have fun! Maybe I can ask some questions beforehand.

I considered this. We’re going to leave the thread open for like 24-36 hours so people from all time zones have an opportunity to ask their own questions.

But the main “event” starts at that time, if that makes sense. Still working out the finer details.

We’re soon approaching the AMA event! Almost 24 hours from the time of this post.

If you haven’t already, now might be a good time to prepare some questions for Justin.

btw. is EST -5 UTC ? have to prepare coffee for that time :smiley:

That is correct. EST is UTC -05:00.