Any suggestions for forum plugins other than bbPress?

(Nick) #21

Is this still in the works?

Checked the blog but don’t see any updates :slight_smile:

(Yash Chandra) #22

I am getting SSL errors and can’t even load the page. Looks dead to me.

(Leland Fiegel) #23

Same. Bummer. :frowning:

Wonder if @danieliser or @calumallison can provide any additional info about this?

(Michael) #24

@ychan @leland if you have this, as did i, did you have the advanced tab near the back to safety tab? if so, click advanced and there should be an option to ‘‘continue to site’’ or words to that effect. I got to the new forum dev site ok.

(Leland Fiegel) #25

Hey Michael, you’re right. The site is still up but requires a security exception to get around the expired SSL certificate.

I’d still be curious to hear about the status of Jungle Plugins from the founders, because in its current state it does look “dead,” as @ychan put it.

(Michael) #26

What you say there I cannot argue with. Yea looks abit dead. so to speak. which is a shame.
I’m about to start jumping through all the flarum hoops to install that. as it looks fresh, clean, and tidy. Not content with that, but its in its 7th beta stage and so it looks very promising. So I’m taking a gamble but it looks worth it. Ill use bbpress as a possible backup. Maybe even copying some the topics over onto another database for the event ‘‘when’’ flarum breaks on the beta. ill do this daily so that my users will have something to work with when it finally does happen. Nice of the host company to allow me the database to do this mind.

so yea. i look forward to the future with flarum.