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I came across that claims to sell woothemes/woocommerce related paid plugins at a heavy discount compared to woothemes price for same plugin. Is this legal and is Automattic aware of this ? It is interesting that even their FAQ page says that they are legal. Just because of GPL license ? What’s the deal here ?

There are a ton of sites like these. We’ve discussed them quite a bit here on WP Chat.

Basically, while it’s technically legal to redistribute GPL code, I believe making plastering “get cheap WooCommerce extensions!” all over a website puts it on thin ice in terms of trademark law. Solely because this easily can cause confusion with potential customers, who then wonder why WooCommerce won’t support them.

It also doesn’t help when “woo” is used in the domain. Interesting how pluginfusion was formerly known as I wonder if Automattic asked them to switch, or they preemptively switched on their own in response to the WooGPL C&D (discussed in the “SUE THE WOO” thread linked above.

A surefire way to avoid any trademark concerns would be to do exactly what WooCommerce did to Jigoshop. Fork it, rebrand it, and maintain it.

you never know if any “extra” code was added on pluginfusion.

At least they respect the WP/Woo trademarks?

Thx. I read through all the posts about these reseller types and I am not going to trust them. It is also unfair to the original developer say woothemes in this case. But it is amazing that ppl can actually do this due to the whole GPL thing.

If they truly wanted to respect the Woo trademark, they’d rebrand. They’re still piggybacking off the reputable WooCommerce name.

Also, I just noticed they straight up lifted an image from the StudioPress website.

compared to…

Also note the similarity between the logos.

<sarcasm>But hey, they release GPL-compliant software so I guess that means all their other intellectual property is fair game too.</sarcasm>

i was being sarcastic, the are technically speaking respecting the trademarks when it comes to the domain.

Got it. Always hard to detect sarcasm over the internet. :smile: