Are some plugins designed specifically for Multisite setup?

(Rob) #1

I’m new to WP multisite setup but I’m finally getting a hang of it.
So I am starting to understand how to manage and active plugins (Network Activation vs. per site)

But still a little confused about how some plugins are Multisite ready and some are not.

OK so the way I understand it is this:
Some plugins are just plain plugins, you can install them on a Multisite setup and they will function like normal.

But some plugins have special Multisite functionality (and this varies by plugin). They have features which make them work better and interact certain ways with a Multisite installation.

Does this sound right?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Yes, that sounds about right.

Even if a plugin doesn’t explicitly say “multisite support,” it’ll probably still work just fine on a multisite install.

You can activate any plugin network wide, and force every site to have it active. If it’s not network-activated, the individual sites have the option to activate them or not.

Obviously, plugins like WordPress MU Domain Mapping and PMPro Network Membership would be useless on a non-multisite setup.