Articles on other websites made about us

(Marcos Sanchez Urquiola) #1

I am building a website for a business that has had a lot of articles written in the media about its product. My client is a mushroom farm and it has had articles published in local and national newspapers, on private blogs and on government websites. What I will like to do is to show all of those articles written about us and mention them on our website. Sadly there are no backlinks in any of those articles since the company’s website did not exist then.
What kind of plugin should I use? It will be best if it would help with my SEO effort.
Any suggestions?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

You would just have to contact the website owner and inform them of the company’s new website. I’d imagine most would be happy to link to it, especially considering it didn’t exist before. But there’s no plugin that can control links on other people’s websites, if that’s what you were asking?

I’d suggest writing up an email template to use in these situations. That way you’re not writing a new email from scratch. Also, you can use Google Alerts to automatically find mentions of the product name without having to Google it manually on a periodic basis.

To show articles that mention the company on your website, I would not rely on an automated plugin. Just copy and paste a little excerpt (not too substantial, to avoid copyright concerns and stay within fair use) from the article and then link to the full version. This could be part of your main blog, or a separate post type like Press.

(Marcos Sanchez Urquiola) #3

Thanks leland, great ideas. I will do so.

(David McCan) #4

Some testimonial plugins might work. You don’t have testimonials but the format might be similar enough.