As a giveback to the WordPress community, I developed this

(Paras Shah) #1

WordPress theme repository consists some amazing themes that offer premium value for free.

But, due to the lack of proper searching and sorting options, some gems are always buried deep inside the repository where no one notices it.

To ease the task of finding one’s dream WordPress theme, I developed the WPC Hub.

The WPC Hub is a free theme curation hub which has already curated 675+ only quality themes with some advanced sorting options to find the theme you’re looking for.

Would love to hear your feedback to further improve it. Here’s the link to the Hub -

(P.S: This post is not intended to be self-promotion, but is aimed at spreading out the word about the hub so that others can take advantage of it and find their dream’s free WordPress theme…)

(Leland Fiegel) #2

This is the URL of what you’re talking about, correct?

(Paras Shah) #3

Yes! I forgot to add a hyperlink to it.

(Nick) #4

Hello @Paras16699, it is possible to put it a free theme which is not yet in the WordPress theme repository?
Thank you :slight_smile:

(Paras Shah) #5

I’ll soon be adding a “Non-Repository Free Themes” section to the Hub.

As soon as I’m done with that, there will be then a form to submit your themes to the hub through which you can have your theme listed in the hub.

I’ll give you a heads up when I’m done merging that feature into the current hub.


I was just looking through the themes rep thinking it is nearly as bad as the app store for discovery.

Just a few thoughts without thorough analysis . Filters for premium version or add ons , advanced customisation / starter theme, page builder included etc. The issue as a consumer of advanced themes is that your cant really see the cusomisation depth until you install it. I am after themes that can remain addaptable and are updated.

The same issue applies to plugins doesnt it? A categories is sorely lacking.

Well done acting on this.

(Paras Shah) #7

@HammerOz Are you commenting on the current WordPress theme repository or on the WPC Hub. If that’s for the WPC Hub, what exactly do you mean?

(Nick) #8

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I am referring to WPC hub. Sorry if my comment was not clear. Are you going to add filters fo further support the search process?

(Paras Shah) #10

@HammerOz Yes. It’s in progress. Adding filters for 675+ themes after reviewing them thoroughly is taking up a lot of time.

Which filters would you like me to add in it (as a suggestion note)?