Astra Starter Sites are now Starter Templates

ICYMI: Astra Starter Sites are now Starter Templates.

We were just talking about this at a recent WordPress meetup. Some of the most popular themes – Divi, GeneratePress – are increasingly behaving like frameworks.

IMO it’s an appealing solution for DIYers, agencies, and freelancers. Get comfy with a theme you trust and remix it for every project you take on.

It’s the same thing that made Genesis so appealing back in the day. But now you don’t need to fire up a child theme, with all that PHP and CSS and JS. Instead you just roll out a starter template and tweak away with your favourite page builder.

So… WDYT? Are starter templates, like what Astra just released, a good thing?

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I think it’s good. I switched from Genesis framework to GeneratePress. Started using Beaver Builder and will never look back. But I’m not sure if the switch will cause a massive rank drop yet. Time will tell. All I know is my site is faster than ever and I can finally build it to what I wanted years ago but never had time to learn. I just noticed a lot of errors in SEM rush though. :roll_eyes: