Automated Front-end Testing Suggestions?

(Benjamin Intal) #1

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone here has successfully integrated some form of automated front-end testing. I don’t mean unit tests, or tests performed on a dummy browser that doesn’t have an actual UI, but rather, automating a user going through the different settings of a plugin then checking the front-end whether the changes are correct. Or someone clicking through the front-end and checking what happens.

I want to perform automated front-end testing because of a plugin of mine. It’s Page Builder Sandwich, and it’s a front-end page builder. Day by day it’s becoming huge feature-wise. As the updates keep coming, manual testing on different browsers is becoming such a headache and is taking quite some time to perform.

I’ve gone through some videos in YouTube about this topic, and I found that I can either use Selenium WebDriver to code in my own tests. A while back I tried doing this but I can’t just seem to make Selenium work. I’ve also found CodeCeption which I think I tried dabbling with before, for some forgotten reason I moved on from implementing it, SauceLabs and Screener.

So before I test out again on something, I’d like to know first what you guys are using for this. Thanks!

(Benjamin Intal) #2

No one? Nobody’s frontend testing their stuff? :smiley:

(Leland Fiegel) #3

I wish I knew more about it. I’d be interested in learning more about it too.

(Benjamin Intal) #4

Yeah, it’s quite frustrating manually testing the frontend in multiple browsers. :frowning:

(Nate Wright) #5

A project I work on uses Selenium for this. I didn’t set it up, but it’s hooked up to Travis CI so the tests can be run on pull requests before merging.

All I can say is that in my experience they’re an absolute nightmare to write and flimsy as hell if you do much refactoring. They do catch issues that we might have missed sometimes, but I probably spend 2/3 or 3/4 of the time on the tests just fixing the tests themselves rather than any actual defect they’ve detected.

If it’s primarily JavaScript that you’re testing, you might look into QUnit. It doesn’t necessarily “click around”, but since JavaScript is native to the browser anyway, I’d presume you could script up some clicks and stuff to run.

(Corey Maass) #6

I use Behat with Selenium. So far I’m only testing basic functionality, but it’s a start. :slight_smile:

(David McDonald) #7

I came across the following in my travels, but have not yet used it:

  • Popper: runs automated cross browser tests

(Benjamin Intal) #8

I also found these based on a post by Chris Lema:

(Essekia Paul) #9

Sorry to join the party so late.

I had used karma to automate frontend testing for one of my plugins.