Basic support questions no longer allowed at WP Chat

All right y’all, so lately WP Chat has been getting a few basic support question type threads here. Ever since the launch of WP Chat, I’ve been debating whether or not to allow basic support questions here.

While my goal is to make WP Chat as welcoming as possible, to experts and beginners alike, I’ve decided this just isn’t the place for basic WordPress support questions.

A couple of examples of threads that will be locked on sight from now on are ACF DIsplay field and Gravity form multi select file not working.

A couple reasons:

  • Both of these examples are in reference to paid plugins. We don’t want to undermine commercial product businesses by supporting them for free here.

  • It takes away from the focus of WP Chat: discussing WordPress community stuff.

Advanced stuff that may not be covered by basic support is still fine to ask here, although even that is probably better suited to Stack Overflow or AWP. Also, discussions along the lines of “I’d like to learn more about ‘x’ …what’s the best way get started?” are cool too.

I’m just talking about “this plugin doesn’t work” or “my host is down” type stuff. These sorts of questions are best answered by the respective company who is providing the product/service, or on the support forums.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time outlining what exactly a “basic support question” is. If in doubt, feel free to shoot me a PM. Or if it’s not your thread, feel free to flag the thread and I’ll make a determination.


I think this is an excellent idea and fully support this. Well done! I love the community you’ve started here.

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