Best and Fastest Page Buidler Plugin

(DrMohamed Gamal) #1

I need recommendation for the best page builder plugin
Put in your concerns these facts

1- Fast & Light Load Times
2- Fast Server Response
3- Has a great features and customizations
4- Well Front end-page builder

What do you recommend of these ?

1- Beaver Builder Plugin
2- Visual Composer Plugin
3- Elementor Plugin

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

(Anthony Pham) #2

Other option you can use is KingComposer

(Mahdi Yazdani) #3

Tens of thousands articles and blog posts already covered this story in depth, try Googling.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

“Best” is a subjective term. The only way to truly find out which works best for you is to try them yourself. Many have free “lite” versions.

Besides that, I’d read reviews. The one linked above from Pippin’s site is a good place to start.

(Pieter) #5

How about no Page Builder and put a site together with for example ACF?

(David McCan) #6

Ha. Remember the old saying, “Fast, Cheap, Good – Pick Two”? That is what comes to mind when I saw your post. I don’t think there is “one page builder to rule them all”.

Are there any other concerns? For instance, in the linked above Pippin article, he mentions the issue of shortcodes left behind if the page builder is turned off. Some page builders handle this well and others leave a mess.

From what I’ve seen, people are pretty happy with Beaver Builder and Elementor. Of those two, some people “get it” with one but not the other … so trying them out is a good idea.

Personally, I don’t like Visual Composer, but that maybe just me. IIRC you can create custom post types with VC.

I own Divi Builder and Themify Builder and both get the job done. If I use a page builder it is usually just for several pages of a site.

(Naresh Devineni) #7

Beaver Builder with out any doubt. Its fast and has easy to use interface. I have been using it since last two years. It almost worked out each and every time my clients needed creative freedom to express their ideas. Plus you can build pretty much complex layouts with the free version in record time. Going for a premium version is also a huge plus.

Anyway, on the other side, if your client does not really touch the design part, then go for ACF or CMB2. If you are good with CSS, CMB2 is extremely powerful. Your client should be able to edit each and every piece of content on the admin side.

(Abhishek Deshpande) #8

I would like to recommend Elementor Plugin.

Elementor are the extra extensions which can be added to make it more powerful. Elementor settings can be found right underneath WordPress settings. Not too many changes need to be applied out of the box. Another benefit of using Elementor is the speed and light weight.

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(Sonal Sinha) #9

How about no page builder plugin at all and simple text and use of shortcodes given within the theme. So no bloatware and no speed loss.
So it remains fastest website instead.