Best audio streaming options for a membership site?

Okay, so I’m starting a membership site (more details to come later) which will feature a series of videos and audio files for viewing/listening in a private member’s area.

I already decided on Wistia for the video streaming, but I can’t seem to find a comparable option for audio. Here are my ideas so far:

  • Just make a “video” out of the audio, using like a picture or something for the visual, and put it on Wistia.
  • Self-hosting. The MP3 files are only like a couple megabytes each. Just using some sort of HTML5 audio player type thing like jPlayer, taking the bandwidth hit, and see how the server holds up.
  • Soundcloud. This would’ve been a perfect audio companion to Wistia, although they don’t allow private embeds to be restricted to certain domains. Using this for now.
  • Some S3-related solution. I’ve found S3 Media Vault and some similar ones, but all of them seem too marketer-y which tend to skeeve me out.

I’m not too concerned about “piracy” (if somebody wants it, they can find some way to download it) unless it involves me racking up a unneeded bill at something like S3.

I’m pretty sure I’m overthinking this, but wanted to throw this up here to see if anyone has any ideas.

What do you mean “restricted to certain domains”? Their article on embedding private tracks seems to imply their platform supports your use-case. Of course, it’s entirely possible (probable?) I’m missing some important aspect :slight_smile:

Hey Travis, I ended up going with the embedded private track option with Soundcloud, although it’s not quite the same as Wistia as you can’t restrict the embeds to certain domains. Meaning, if somebody got the private embed URL, they could embed it elsewhere.

Although Soundcloud does offer the option of “resetting” the private URL which would render all previous private embeds empty. Like I said, I’m not too concerned about “piracy” with this so that option was good enough for me.

Awesome, glad to hear that’s working out. In theory, how could someone obtain that private embed URL? Is that exposed in the page source?

I ask that partially out of curiosity, but also partly because I’m working on a similar project (embedding content from Issuu) where we want to have private embeds.

Yep, exactly. It’s the same as what would be the public URL, but with a “secret” token appended to it.


With “s-12345” being the secret token. In theory, I suppose I could go with some sort of obfuscation method to make it harder to find.

ISSUU looks interesting, will have to look into that further.

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Hi @leland,

but all of them seem too marketer-y which tend to skeeve me out.

I’m the creator of and sorry to hear that. Was it the long-copy landing page that goes into great detail explaining every feature and benefit? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Anyway, S3MediaVault just turned 11 years old, and is being used on tens of thousands of websites. One can’t last that long, especially in “internet years”, if you don’t have a solid product backed up by great support.

I hope you don’t let a few superficial things (which is open to criticism or feedback) deter you from a great product, even if I say so myself :slight_smile:

Feel free to email/PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


Hi there Ravi,

Thanks for stopping by.

You are responding to something I wrote in the year 2014. This is what the site looked like back then, according to the Wayback Machine:

All I said was that it seems “too marketer-y” which tends “to skeeve me out” and as I look back on the archived page from 2014, I understand what my former self was talking about. :smiley:

I think we can all look back on our past work and be amazed at how far we’ve come over the years.

Looks like the website design changed at some point in the preceding ~6 years. I like it a lot better now!

That’s basically all I was referring to back in 2014: my feelings about the website design, which perhaps you would agree were justified at the time, looking back on all this. :smiley:

About the product itself, I did not end up using it so can’t comment from the perspective of a user, although like you said, there is a lot of longevity there which I believe is a positive thing.

I would not have mentioned it at all if I felt there was something gravely dysfunctional about product itself. The original purpose of my post was listing the options I was seriously considering and had generally positive outlooks of.

Hope that helps clarify things and thanks again for stopping by.

Hi Leland,

I agree, the site did look disgusting back then, especially looking back it at now :smiley:.

Also, for some reason, it did not strike me that this was written nearly 6 years ago!

So I appreciate the feedback and clarification.


– Ravi Jayagopal

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