Best book, course, whatever on "design for developers"?

So right now, I’m pretty terrible at design. I can tell when something is ugly or not, and have a very nebulous understanding of things like typography, white space, and color theory, but that’s about as far as my design “skill” goes, and I’d really like to go further.

I was just wondering if there is/was anyone in a similar boat as me that was helped out by a good design book or course. Something that has caught my eye is the Design for Developers WPSession, but what I’m looking for doesn’t necessarily need to be geared toward developers or even the web.

I mainly just want to get a basic “design” foundation, and work from there, but will consider pretty much anything that would help improve my design skill as a developer.

Any ideas?

You might appreciate a deep and not just basic foundation – learning to think and see as an artist or designer.

Inge Druckrey’s “Teaching to See” is a classic primer to "design thinking"

Robert Brighthurst, The Elements of Typographic Style is another classic, focused on typography.

Josef Albers, Interaction of Color has a beautiful app version from Yale that you can get for free.

And then there is a lot of classic stuff online you can find about modern Swiss design, grid-based layouts and type.

You might find it rewarding to draw every day – look up an The Natural Way to draw and the “related” stuff that comes up on Amazon.

Drawing with kids is always educational. Or take a class. Kids are more fun though.

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Thanks @dpk, this is exactly the sort of stuff I was looking for.