Best plugin for an Instagram feed widget?

Was wondering which plugin, ideally free, everyone uses for Instagram feed widgets.

Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations!

Haven’t used this myself, but it looks promising.

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I tried WP Instagram Widget (linked above) for a project recently. It is very easy to set up since you don’t need oAuth authentication, Access Tokens etc. The problem is that you can only retrieve the full size images. You can scale them down with CSS but the visitor still downloads the full size images, which is a major performance hit.

I ended up using the free version of [Instagram Feed] ( You need to do the oAuth business to set up, but it’s easy to customize and most importantly you can choose the image size to import.

Hope this helps.


i am aslo looking for this.

I have been using a plugin called Intagrate Lite - - for a few years now.

It’s not necessarily for displaying your Instagram feed, but it can actually create a new blog post in draft status for each of your Instagram posts. So it’s fantastic for repurposing your Instagram content on your blog.

It has one annoying issue in that it will post the entire content of your Instagram post as both the title and in the body of the draft post. But I would be editing the title anyway even if it did a trimmed version of my post as the title.

One of the best features is that it downloads your Instagram photo or video and uploads it to your media folder. An older version didn’t do that and Instagram changed their URL structure and because it was previously referring to the Instagram URL for the media, that broke over 50 posts on my site.

But they’ve changed that recently to download and upload all media natively in your Media folder. So that’s awesome.

Even though this plugin doesn’t do exactly what the OP asked, I figured it would help knowing about one more Instagram plugin that does something related.


– Ravi Jayagopal
Developer, S3 Video & Audio Plugin for WordPress


You can try new Spotlight plugin By RebelCode.
Here is a tutorial on How to Use Spotlight to add Instagram feed to WP