Best Plugin to Record Motor Racing results and to log statistics about drivers

(Marc Harris) #1

Have been searching for an hour now and so far drawn a blank.

Although I can find plugins for football, tennis etc ie sports that are Team A vs Team B and also find plugins that are table generators. I kind of need something inbetween.

Thoughts/advice on something that can provide the following:

Driver Name, Nationaity, Licence (a figure generated by factors such as results and incidents) Number of events, wins, Top 3, Top 15, Penalty Points, DNF, DQ’s)

Thanks in advance,


(Leland Fiegel) #2

There may not a pre-made plugin for your specific use case, so you’ll probably have to come up with your own solution.

Here’s what I would do:

I think something like Toolset may be able to replace the above tools if you don’t want to write any code at all, but I haven’t used it before.


Check Formidable Forms it is a form plugin, but it handles nicely views - dynamic posts or page with conditional logic and even build in graphs and more.

You can create “dynamic view” like you said - table, then just adding more data and results will change whole view - table. It’s like data in database and you can work with them, display them however you wish dynamically.

Not sure, if this is the right tool for you, I am just familiar with it and probably if I do your job, I would do it with it.