Best promotion tactic for a free WordPress plugin?

Hello everyone!

I’m developing WP plugins for some time now… and I have decided to post some free plugins on repo.
I’m interested in promoting them but again as they are free I don’t want to lose money on paid reviews, ads etc…

The plugins are very basic… such as:

Does anyone have any advice or ideas how to accomplish my goal?
Also… is there any good (polite) way to ask users for rating on (1-5 stars)?


Yeah I wouldn’t pay . This is cliché advice, but you ideally want your plugin to be so valuable that people will naturally want to cover it.

Here’s some advice in no particular order:

  • Make sure to spell WordPress with a capital P. Start with your plugin banner for WP Social Ninja. Most people probably don’t care, but for some, it makes you lose credibility right off the bat.
  • Try some documentation marketing. Maybe make a video demonstrating how easy it is to use your plugins.

After this, try to pitch some WordPress-related publications. Look in a previous thread here on WP Chat for some ideas: Tips for promoting a new free WordPress plugin

If nobody bites, then you could try experimenting with paid reviews. I know BobWP does this, but not sure of anyone else.

You could try asking in the plugin’s admin UI. Be unobtrusive but not so much so that nobody even sees the call to action. You could also try asking after you’ve resolved a support thread.

I realize both of these ideas are predicated on people using your plugin in the first place, but besides that, I’m not sure.

One sure fire way to gather a review is by answering support then suggesting a review when the issue is resolved :slight_smile:

Sure, that’s understandable :slight_smile: Thanks!

My plugin is Kanban for WordPress (plug ). A couple things I’ve done/noticed.

By having good keywords in my readme people are finding my plugin in the repo. By updating often (once a week or more) my plugin stays at the top of the results.

As mentioned above, I’ve asked every user I’ve had contact with to leave a good review. We’ve received a grand total of 6, but my impression is people look at the over-all rating, not the number of ratings.

I’ve also been blogging about the development process on a different dev-centric blog, and that’s lead to some good traffic spikes. WordPressers are very meta, it seems :slight_smile: