Best resources to learn JavaScript and React

At the State of the Word at WordCamp US this past Saturday, Matt Mullenweg assigned a “homework” assignment for everyone watching: learn JavaScript deeply. For those that missed it, the State of the Word 2015 video has been posted on

While a heavy emphasis was placed on learning vanilla JavaScript, it was also bluntly hinted at that if you were to learn a JavaScript framework, you should focus on React (which is what Calypso was built in).

I’ve never really been a fan of Codecademy’s teaching style, which seem to be text-based lessons followed by quiz reinforcement, and forum supplementation if you need it. It is free though, so it’s a good place to get your feet wet.

I definitely prefer video-centric training. I’ve used Code School before and am a huge fan of the video instruction and accompanying interactive quizzes. At a flat $29 / month for their entire library (plus savings if you go yearly), I find it to be an incredible bargain.

As far as React specific stuff goes, some research led me to React for Beginners, which is a video course by Wes Bos. It seems to be priced and packaged in such a way that it makes the most sense to go straight for the “Master Package” at $59. You also get access to a Slack chatroom, which sounds like a nice touch.

What are your favorite JavaScript learning resources? And it doesn’t have to be a web-based course type thing, it could also be a book or something else.

As a reformed jQuery cut and paster, I’ve spent the last year trying to go deep on JS - here’s what worked for me

Best online resource (The learning method/approach they detail worked really well for me).

Best Books (Free and widely regarded as one of the best beginner JS books!)

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This is great, thanks @ct_roy. Already loaded Eloquent JavaScript to my Kindle. :smiley:

Remkus de Vries posted his Learning JavaScript, Deeply article yesterday which also references the JavaScript is Sexy link you posted, and some other thoughts on the best ways to learn JavaScript.

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@tom put together a great post on this as well:

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@leland This is the most comprehensive list of free JS books:

Update: I’ve incorporated the long list of free resources to learn Javascript here: 118+ free resources to learn Javascript

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Can I mention as well?

After a quick peek back through my email updates, I’m still not sure about the price. But that doesn’t really matter, and here’s why:

Zac Gordon has been a familiar face to me for about 2 years now. I’m pretty confident that his face has been the last one I’ve seen before I went to sleep at night (even more than my wife)! What’s made me watch his videos over and over and over again, is his capacity to teach!

He’s got the heart of a teacher, and understands learning not just “code” !!

And, I think that point is widely overlooked. As we grow into a somewhat bombardment of micro online classes, it’s not just the code that the platform & instructor needs to be proficient in, but more importantly, they need to be well-versed in in how-to-teach and articulate-the-information.

Maybe I’m just an old & slow, busy dad, southern churchgoer, short on time, slow learner. But having a person who can clearly convey and accurately articulate understanding is the most important aspect of learning.

especially Javascript

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Of course! I actually talked to Zac at the most recent WordPress DC meetup where he was one of the presenters.

It sounds like he’s still hard at work building the course. When it’s ready, I plan on being a customer myself. :smiley: