Best Way to Sell Plugin: Premium, Freemium, Etc

(Alex MacArthur) #1

What’s your preferred way to develop & sell WordPress plugins? Examples:

  • Premium only
  • Free version, but paid upgrade
  • Free version, but paid add-ons
  • Donation-based
  • Subscription-based

(Leland Fiegel) #2

If I were selling a plugin I would explore a way to make it more like a SaaS that can expand beyond WordPress, leaving the plugin itself. Akismet is a classic example, and OptinMonster is a relatively recent one.

It’s tough to pull off, but I think it’s best from a business standpoint. However, depending on the functionality and “self-hosted” competition, it might be tough to sell.

For example, would anyone subscribe to a SaaS that lets you manage things like meta descriptions and title tags, when you can get all that functionality self-contained in a free plugin like The SEO Framework, where you don’t have to worry about relying on a third-party service that could raise prices, shut down, etc.?

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(Faruk Erdogan) #3

In my opinion, beginning with freemium and then selling some features is a better option.

As a WordPress user - not a developer - I am always searching the internet to find useful plugins. Reading forums, blogs, experiences and then decide to use them. I think here is the key point. People searching the internet to find plugins. That means, marketing is very important for this ecosystem and freemium helps your marketing budget to separate your plugins to the world.

I think WooCommerce is the best example for that. They have dominated the market for e-commerce solutions and then start to sell some other plugins such as membership, payment gateways, subscriptions etc. And they are using SaaS model for their plugins. They keep upgrading the plugins and giving you support as SaaS model. In my opinion, this business model also dominates this ecosystem.