BETA: Beta Testers Wanted for Website Import Plug-in

(Nick) #1


I’m looking for beta-testers for a new Wordpress plug-in which can automatically import all content (copy, menus, images and internal links) from any given website and recreate it in Wordpress.

It is aimed at:

  • The person who wants to just recreate an old (perhaps non Wordpress) website in Wordpress as efficiently as possible without a lot of copy/paste and frustration with broken links.
  • Web designers who, having developed a new theme for a client, would like to quickly import all of their existing content so that they can head off those “Looks good but I really need to see some of my content in there before I can decide” objections.
  • Web developers who are provided static HTML pages to then recreate in Wordpress and want to again save a lot of copy/paste.

Current plug-in features are:

  • Import single page - as a page, as a post, setting as front page, setting to draft or published
  • Import multiple pages - as above but will spider the website and identify all content to import
  • Import menu(s) - will automatically identify navigation structures on a website and recreate as Wordpress menus
  • Link Menus and Content - Link up the imported menus with the imported content to create fully functional site
  • Update internal links - Updates all internal links in imported content where they point to another imported page
  • Localise Images - Uploads any images referenced in imported pages to the Media Library and amends references in the copy.

The content and menu identification algorithms are automatic, and can identify the content of the web page (and ignore all the clutter around it) without needing to enter any tags or other identifiers.

If you think you would find this plug-in useful, and are happy to spend some time trying it out, you can download the plug-in here:

Instructions for obtaining the required API key are shown on the settings page once installed.

(Nick) #2

I’ve also now added a new feature to allow the undoing of all content imported through the tool (Pages, Menus and Media Library items).