Beta testers wanted

(Paul) #1

Thought I’d start a thread for developers requesting beta testers for their plugins/themes/apps. What do you think?

If anyone wants to test my plugin on a multisite, I’d appreciate the feedback. And I’ll beta test your product in return.

Let me know if it’s ok to post the link, it’s a free plugin on the dotorg repository.


(Jeff C) #2

(Jeff C) #3

I like the idea behind this thread. I’ve pinned it to this category to see how it goes for awhile. How should the conversation be structured? Everything in one thread or separate threads for each plugin?

I think the general idea and directions should be in the first post, then, create a new thread with the title, Testers Wanted: name of plugin. With info on what the plugin does, what you want tested, and the link in the post.

How does that sound?

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #4

We’re always looking for more eyes ands on the NextGEN Gallery public betas ( - right now there isn’t one but we announce them all via social media whenever they’re available. Multisite for sure could always use more eyes!

(Brian Ross) #5

This is a great idea, but filling up one thread might not be a good idea.

Maybe for each beta test request a simple [BETA] tag could be added to the topic title. Any thought on this?

(Jeff C) #6

Filling up one thread is no good. Each Plugin or theme that a developer wants beta tested will need it’s own thread. I just need a post that has the directions for plugin/theme devs that want beta testers and then sticky it to the appropriate categories.

I’m thinking of something like this.

If you want to request beta testers, please add BETA: to the beginning of your thread title. Add as much information as possible in your post such as what you want tested, how long the testing period will be, and the best way to report bugs.

I think that’s simple enough and gets the point across. It’s up to @leland if he wants to support beta testing for commercial products.

(Paul) #7

I agree that each request should be it’s own thread. Can we tag them somehow? This thread can hold the guidelines.

(Brian Ross) #8

I think anything publicly available via the Repo or GitHub should be fair game.

(Cullen) #9

I think this sounds like a pretty awesome idea.

Another thing that would be nice is a standard way to have people provide info to be part of the beta or a place to go and provide your information. This way we don’t end up with a bunch of I DOs or email addresses in the thread. Thoughts?

(Jeff C) #10

yeah, that should be part of the directions in the first post. How to participate in the program and where to give feedback. The thread shouldn’t be a question of who wants to beta test it, but should contain all of the information for those who want to test it to go ahead and do it. That should eliminate the I DO’s and stuff.

(Jeff C) #11

You can’t add tags to posts so that’s out of the question and I don’t want to add a beta sub category. These directions will be pinned in the Development - Theme and Plugin sub-categories. If we seem to get a lot of BETA testing threads, I think that’s when we’ll need to consider having BETA be its own category.

Here is my attempt at the directions which will be in the pinned topic. Should anything else be added? Feel free to copy and paste and change it around to what you think would be the best directions.

If you would like users to beta test your product, please add BETA: to the beginning
of your thread title. Add as much information as possible to your post
such as what you want tested, how long the testing period will be, and
where to give feedback.

(Day Milovich) #12

i will. now i have 2 vps on dedicated server and manage 10+ sites. ready to test your plugin. everyday i test a plugin from wordpress and some codes. i am indonesian. regards.

(Vova Feldman) #13

@Jeffro What about beta-testing services for WordPress plugin / theme developers? I know that Sidekick are looking for developers to test their new product, also we are looking for plugin developers to test Freemius. What do you think?

(Jenny) #14

@Jeffro It sounds good to have an opened community that allows Beta testers call out. We ourselves are also in Beta test stage of our WordPress themes and plugins (In public progress of calling beta testers for our WordPress Slider here for instance). Also looking for Beta product from others.
I just want to know how the thread should be. Just add BETA to the beginning of thread and testing information is legal? Would try to start a thread now.

(sadik) #15

Hi All anybody know custom post catagories and normal posts are showing same categories and showing on web page…
i want to display perticular categories has to be shown on web page what plugin can i use

(Jeffrey Carandang) #16

Just in time! I’m looking for beta testers to check my brand new features for Widget Options :

Here are the features preview :

You can download the development version with those features added here :

Thank you very much and I hope you’ll love this brand new features!

Jeffrey Carandang