BETA: WP Compress - Better Image Optimization

(James) #1

Hi everyone :slight_smile:,

We wanted to invite you to try out a brand new image optimization plugin before it launches to the public next month.

It’s called WP Compress and was created to shrink the file size of your images to speed up your website. When you optimize your images with WP Compress your site can have faster load times, better user retention and improved PageSpeed scores for higher Google rankings.

WP Compress is easier, faster and produces smaller file sizes than the top competitors paid upgrades - but most importantly, it’s FREE.

For your help, not only will you gain priority access to an outstanding plugin, but we can feature your review, testimonial or results on our website for added exposure to your brand.

Here’s the early access link:

Please feel free to give us any feedback (good or bad) as we are continuously looking to improve the plugin.

Thank you so much!

James Cantoni
Founder, WP Compress

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #2

I have a couple questions:

  1. Will this also integrate with NextGEN Gallery?
  2. Are you using open source compression methods, like ImageOptim, or a premium system like JPEGMini Server? Or is 100% unique?

(James) #3

Hi Scott,

  1. We will be supporting NextGEN Gallery in later releases. Right now everything is handled in the default media library or our bulk compression screen. It depends on the setup, if you are using images from the media library, you can compress them before importing.

  2. Our compression methods are our secret ingredient :smiley: We’re able to get file sizes smaller than even premium image optimization plugins and in a fraction of the time.

Here’s an example from

Try out the plugin and let me know your thoughts, all feedback is appreciated especially in the beta stage as we take it to heart and want to provide the best image optimization plugin out there!

Many Thanks,

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #4

I’m in the process of doing an extensive comparison of the most popular compression plugins, so i’m going to include yours as the new kid on the block only because you have it free :slight_smile:

(James) #5

We’ve updated the plugin to v1.1.3 so make sure you’re on the latest version when testing. We really appreciate your help and are grateful for all feedback!

You can download it from the same link here:


(Faruk Erdogan) #6

When I read this, I remember the Pied Piper Company from Silicon Valley tv series. :slight_smile:

Nice plugin, good luck.

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #7

I’ve included this in my comparison


We’ve updated the plugin with some major updates including Power Ups and Unlocks

Check it out just in time for all of the Holiday traffic while people are off work and browsing the web, get your images loading lightning fast in just one click with 2,500 image optimization credits for FREE from WP Compress -

Chat with us via web chat on and we’ll set you up with some bonus credits if you mention WP Chat :slight_smile: