Brand new free plugin for better WooCommerce Login & Registration

(Jeffrey Carandang) #1

Hi Everyone,

This month’s free WordPress plugin of mine just got approved. This one is a WooCommerce Login & Registration Modal Popup and Shortcode to let your customers loggedin on your store better. Comments and suggestions are really appreciated. I hope you’ll love it :slight_smile:

Plugin Link :

How the Plugin Works :


(Yash Chandra) #2

One question. Why is this tied to woocommerce ? It looks like a regular login/register widget/popup for WordPress. Am I missing something ?

(Jeffrey Carandang) #3

It’s only for WooCommerce, the plugin is using the WooCommerce form templates with hooks which can be found on woocommerce/templates/form-login.php

I also have regular WordPress login styler : which gives you brand new wp-login.php design.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: Thanks!




Thanks for the plugin. Is there any way to show the pop up with the register option first. Currently the pop up shows login then the user would have to click on register. My site is pretty new and I am trying to get more sign ups. Thanks

(Jeffrey Carandang) #5

You are very welcome! Really glad that you are loving the plugin features. Following the video tutorial you can use #woo-login-popup-sc-register as menu or link href attributes to open the pop-up with the registration form visible first. Let me know how it goes. Thanks!


(yoana) #6

Hello there! Anyone tried this plugin on the latest wp version? txns

(Jeffrey Carandang) #7


I’m the plugin creator and yes it’s working on the latest version. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


(sagar hedau) #8

The registration link is not working. Please look into that…LOGIN works fine but not registration


I confirm that Register is not working for me too. Also plugin not tested with last version of Wordpress. Too bad cause the plugin is nice and easy to use.

(Pepe ) #10

Please explain how you can disable clicking outside the popup window.

(Pepe ) #11

Hi Jeffrey, please I need to know how can I use jQuery to disable the click outside the popoup window (including ESC).

(Pepe ) #12

I can open the Register popup window with the following jQuery
jQuery( document ).ready(function() {
jQuery( “.woo-login-popup-sc-open” ).trigger( “click” );}, 1);
But I can’t ioen the Login or Lost Password using the ID/classes. Your help is greatly appreciated.

(Jeffrey Carandang) #14

For those people who are not seeing the Registration on the pop-up please go to WooCommerce settings page and check “Allow customers to create an account on the “My account” page”. Thanks!

(sahil) #15

will this plugin also work on the checkout page?
i mean instead of this default one displayed below :

can i have a button or something else that can enable the popup?