California is a tinder box

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Man, the drought isn’t getting any better out there. Every time I see the drought forecast from the NWS, I see CA covered in brown meaning it will get worse. That entire state is a tinder box.

Yeah, it’s even an official “state of emergency” now, as if we could do anything about it besides conserve and hope new water magically appears some day.

I bet bottled water sales are through the roof. Probably at higher prices to.

They are too, and don’t even get me started on how it’s our own municipal water being sold back to us at a higher price in the middle of a severe drought, it’s ridiculous.

Don’t know if you heard about it, but even our freshwater great lakes are at times becoming poisonous.

I wouldn’t doubt it. To be honest, I’m starting to believe the people who say our planet is fighting back.

Well that’s pretty neat. First chance I’ve had to A: Reply to your post as a new topic and B: Easily move the discussion into the new topic. Pretty slick that it leaves a URL and and stuff in the original post to show where it moved to.

I just saw, that is pretty slick! So far the first major thing that’s starting to make me like this more than bbPress :wink:

Yeah, being an admin right now is fun! When the process to do things like that is super easy, it’s an encouraging way to keep up on managing the forum. I completed the task in less than 2 minutes.

Have you had to deal with trolls/spam yet? That’s a big issue for me over at my forum.

Nope. Several of the people on this forum of each other already which I think helps a lot. Depending on if this takes off, I’m sure they’re on their way.

Saw this on Imgur today, yikes.

Well, that’s incredibly depressing. :frowning: