Can I modify and resell any themes which are on WordPress official theme directory?

(Damith) #1

According to,

If you wish to submit your creation to the free theme repository on, it must be 100% GPL compliant, including CSS and image files. Because the freedoms spelled out in the GPL are at the heart of WordPress, we encourage developers to distribute their themes with a 100% GPL-compatible license.

So theme on official WordPress theme directory are 100% GPL?

Then as I know I can sell the themes after modifing. Am I correct?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Yes. Same with plugins in the official WordPress plugin repository.

Yes. You can also sell them without modifying at all.


You may sell them. And they will remain 100% GPL, so keep that in mind. You are asking a question about licensing, and while we’ve had a strong WordPress ecosystem based on the GPL for a decade, you are still advised to seek legal counsel, especially if you have questions about the GPL. :slight_smile:

(Stephen Cronin) #4

The above advice is great, but thought I’d point out that if you (or anyone else reading this) are thinking of selling forked themes on ThemeForest, we generally don’t allow that (I work for Envato).

While it’s totally legal if you fork it correctly, we’d only allow it if it added significant additional value over the original theme. The design would have to be totally different, to the point that it would considered a separate product that was unrecognisable from the first.

Basically, we don’t allow people to take an existing product, modify it a bit and then sell it. Basing your theme on a starter theme such as _s is fine though. Not sure what other marketplaces allow (maybe check with any you are considering selling on), but you’d be fine selling it on your own site.

(Damith) #5

Thanks StephenCronin…

I am plugin developer, not a theme developer. But I thought to build a theme. Since starting from the beginning is hard, I thought to modified a current theme.

Yes, I hope to add significant additional value like adding more widgets, optimize codes for better speed and changing the layout also for better design…

Generally do you expecting more than that?

(Moeez) #6

Yes. That is what open source brings to the table. You can modify the theme on .org and sell it at a reasonable cost.

(Miroslav Glavić) #7

You can modify any WordPress theme and plugin on

Technically speaking (this can be argued), also any theme/plugin outside as they inherit the GPL license from WordPress itself.

(Leland Fiegel) #8

There’s no reason to start from scratch. Starter themes exist for this very purpose. Check out Underscores.