Change the order of plugins on front-end (solved)

(Rob) #1

Hi WP Chat,
I have two plugins that output a box of information at the bottom of a page’s content. 1 plugin is Starbox which is an author box. The other is WP Rich Snippets which is a review plugin and outputs a product review summary below the content. So both plugins display their information below the content but it’s in the wrong order :confused:

The order is:

  • Content
  • Author Box
  • Review Box
  • Comments

The problem I’m having is that the Review Box should be above the Author Box, otherwise it just doesn’t look right. The Author box is kind of like a signature, it needs to be last.

I contacted support for Starbox and they basically said there’s nothing they can do. I wrote WP Rich Snippets support but no response and that’s been my experience last time I wrote in about another issue. Both paid plugins so a little dissapointed but still trying to see if I can figure this out.

My theory is that this has to do with the order the plugins are loaded. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

It’s hard to say without knowing more about the specific plugins you’re using. It sounds like they’re probably filtering the_content() function if you’re not placing a custom template tag in your template files.

Is there something about Startbox that differentiates it from core WordPress functions like the_avatar() and the_author_description()?

(Rob) #3

@leland the plugin is
and I’m not sure how to check on the question you asked.

OK think I’m getting somewhere.

I found a shortcode for inserting Starbox and placed this code at the bottom in my template.
<?php echo do_shortcode("[starbox]"); ?>

The only problem now is that there are two author boxes showing up, the original loaded by the plugin and still in the wrong place, and the one inserted by the shortcode. I could use CSS to disable the other author box from showing up but not the best solution, would rather just not load the author box.

(Rob) #4

OK, I was able to disable the plugin from loading automatically so it only uses the shortcode in the template and loads in the right place.

Finally figured it out, geez I"ve been stuck on this for a long time.
Mission complete! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Leland Fiegel) #5

Great! Thanks for updating.

(Dan Knauss) #6

Plugins Load Order is a plugin that lets you control the order in which your plugins are fired.

I’ve never tried it, but it seems like it would do the trick in your situation.