Chat XMPP for chatroom

(camaran) #1

Hi, i not know if there is a good place but why you not add a chat system based on XMPP standard? it’s a good server there is also a ChatMe Mini plugin for wordpress

(Leland Fiegel) #2

I’ll check that out. If anything we’d probably just add a freenode embed like on the old site, nothing too fancy.

(camaran) #3

hi, i can give you a code for a facebook like chat to add your site for with XMPP muc support

(Jeff C) #4

With how responsive and real-time responding to threads and conversations are in Discourse, this entire forum is like a big chatroom. It negates the need to have a chat client or connection to IRC.

(Leland Fiegel) #5

@camaran, I can take a look. I tend to agree with @Jeffro on this though. The forum experience here is already pretty instantaneous.

If I did do anything I’d just set up a quick freenode IRC channel, since a lot of WP users are already familiar with it and hang out in #wordpress channels anyway.

(Brian Ross) #6

Yes, yes it is! I was replying to a post and noticed a new post was added without a page refresh.