Collecting usage data

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

I just installed NextGen Gallery, I have used it before, in between my last usage and now, I think it got bought. I am sure a few versions came out since last time I used it.


I don’t know what is (if I do, I can’t remember right now, It’s been a long day).

When you install a browser, it asks you if it can collect usage data, no personal identifying information will be shared and so forth.

Many apps for Iphone, Android and whatever else, do the same thing.

How do you feel about that? How can you trust that only information 123 will be shared and not 456 and other personal information?


This is in general, not just for NGG.

Many sites have Google Analytics (or other kind of Analytics), that knows your browser, O/S, resolution, internet connection speed and so forth.

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #2

Freemius is a trusted company/service that many of the popular WordPress plugins are using. If you have any concerns about it, please contact our support team. We’re open to the feedback!

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #3

BTW, thanks for installing NextGEN Gallery :slight_smile:

(Basilis Kanonidis) #4

Google what Freemius is, which is one of the top products right now in WordPress Market.

(Erick Danzer) #6

Hey Miroslav - Erick (founder of Imagely) here. We don’t mind the question. Obviously there’s a component of trust here. I think the same can be said in all cases where we share information online, which is quite frequently these days.

Your question, as I read it, is less about this particular case and more about privacy concerns in general. If so, I agree we should be sensitive. I know I am. We all get tracked and share information daily online, often without realizing it.

In that sense, compared to much of the internet, I think WordPress and its ecosystem have been relatively good on privacy. There are strong limitations on what theme and plugin developers can do or track without consent.

The message above is clear, up front, and optional - the way it should be done. We know many people would prefer not to share information, and that’s absolutely OK. They can skip, and the plugin will continue to work just fine.

Also just to clarify, we’re still the same people running NextGEN Gallery. We relaunched our major company brand this year as Imagely. And we’re partnering with Freemius to implement the opt in management that you see.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

(Miroslav Glavić) #7

Yes you helped, I just used NGG as an example. Over the years I have been asked to let me say yes to those companies collect usage data.

Nothing against NGG, I seriously love NGG. Just that not every company out there has good intentions.

Edit: Thank you Erick for answering.

(Vova Feldman) #8

Hey @MiroslavGlavic,

My name is Vova Feldman and I’m a co-founder at Freemius. @edanzer already gave a great and pretty extensive answer. I want to join the party… :wink:

The WordPress repo is awesome, but something you don’t get much of is data. All you get is the number of downloads and estimated count of active installs, but who, what, where, how and why? Not so much. This makes most of the development decisions based on gut and guesswork. This “blind” ecosystem and mentality generated (tens of) thousands of plugins with (extremely) poor UX.

The fundamentals of product development is based on “The Feedback Loop”. Without being able to measure and capture any data, the feedback loop is simply broken.

We at Freemius are closing that gap by giving plugin & theme authors the insights they need to improve their product by becoming data-driven - iterating the product based on concrete usage metrics.

Everything is done for the sake of improving the WordPress products ecosystem. It’s about time we mature and align with the rest of the ecosystems, and build the next generation data-driven plugins.

(Miroslav Glavić) #9

Thank You Vova

@vovafeldman What data do you collect and what do you do with it either than give it to the plugin author(s)?

What is the reasoning to collect the data you collect?

Not accusing you of anything.