Coming together to pay less. Is it possible?

WooCommerce Membership Plugin is selling for $149 with one website license and they are selling same Membership Plugin for $249 with 25 websites licenses. You are paying just $5.96 for one website license when you prefer buying this plugin with 25 licenses pack. I understand that it’s a sales tactic. No problem.

So, my questions;

  1. Why 25 People or less don’t come together to buy Woo Membership Plugin with 25 licenses?
  2. Is it possible or allowed on Woo’s terms and conditions?
  3. Are there 25 people to buy Woo Membership Plugin with me here? :slightly_smiling_face:

Doesn’t look like it.

According to WooCommerce’s terms and conditions:

Support Services are only available to you and you may not transfer them to any other person without our express, written consent. We may refuse to give consent for this at our discretion.

You could try asking for consent but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Without consent, every contributor to the group purchase would be at risk of losing access to support and updates, which would defeat the purpose.

Pinging @michaeltieso for clarification.


It is allowed but as @leland pointed out, the rest of the people won’t have access to support without also sharing your login to all 25 people.


I definitely follow the line of reasoning there, Faruk, but I don’t think that’s quite how it breaks down.

Any license is intended for a single owner. As far as WooCommerce is concerned, that’s their biggest concern. Why? Because support largely scales on a per person rather than per site basis. So if I have a license that I use on 25 sites, I’ll most likely handle a lot fo the needs and then be a single voice when reaching out to WooCommerce for support. Since that is the case, it’s feasible for them to give many sites for slightly more, as the cost of support isn’t really going to increase much for more sites. There’s also the good chance that buying in bulk means it’s an agency (or professional at least) which means less hand holding.

I’m not really speaking into your question about divvying out a bulk license, but I wanted to shed some light on the economics behind licensing. It has more to do with the practicality of cost than sales tactics.

To be clear, my agency does manage plugins for a lot of clients, so we have many of these plugins in bulk. We share some of that savings with the clients, but handle a lot of support that would otherwise fall on WooCommerce.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you all (@leland, @michaeltieso and @jasontheadams) for your replies.

If I open a new agency or have more than one WordPress website which is supported by Woo, I will be profitable with this license model. :slight_smile:

Why you did not try ARMember :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: