Conductor plugin



I just purchased Conductor plugin

I found, that it does not fit my requirements, so if anybody here is interested in and would like to test it or use it, just let me know I can give you my license (Power Users) for free, as gift :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Haven’t heard of this plugin before but it looks interesting. Just curious, why wasn’t it a good fit for you?

(Matt Medeiros) #3

Hey @petercralen,Matt, creator of Conductor here.

I’d love to help you out and see why the product wasn’t a good fit. Let me know if there’s something I can do or if your offer stands, I’d be happy to transfer licensing :slight_smile:



Hello @MattMedeiros ,
Its really nice, that you care and reply here, that pushed me to install that plugin again and try it.
I found that there is nothing special what I can say that dislike. It is probably just impression to me and really don’t know, but I don’t like much that plugin :slight_smile:

I think it do all jobs well with many great functions. Bc. it really works well, that is why I did not contact you via support and ask for some help, instead I offer it as gift here with hope you will allow transfering that license to somebody else, who will like it more :wink:

Oh maybe one think what I don’t like much, its there is no money back refund. Not bc. I want money back, how you can see its not about money, but when developer offering that, I feel somehow better and happens to me more times, that after I asked refund, I bought that plugin again after few weeks or months.
Sometimes is just hard to see what plugin really do from videos or docs.

Anyways I think you did great job and I m sure your plugin will shine soon, its somehow hidden, nobody know about it :slight_smile:

(Colm Troy) #5

Money Back Refund promises are tricky. While they do instil some level of buyer confidence I’m not convinced that they’re 100% effective as you’ll always have a small but vocal minority who will ask for a refund even if they’re happy with the product. For some bigger plugins this is economically viable and just the cost of doing business. For smaller/newer plugins like Conductor it can kill you financially. Matt and his team have put together a really impressive piece of kit with Conductor and I think they’re right not to offer a Money Back refund given the nature of consumption of digital products.


@ct_roy you are right with your points, anyways I think quality products (conductorplugin looks like it) can afford Money back refund. My point of view is from buyer, not developer sure … Anyways for developer there is huge advantage of this, they keep just satisfied customers what in long term can be helpful.

During December I purchased two premium plugins, that somehow did not impress me that time, I got refunded. Just yesterday I bought both and even higher license package. So this is from my perspective, but I understand that in some scenarios it can be maybe killer for some start ups.

Btw. with good marketing I think conductorplugin can left area of small/new plugins very fast.

(Corey) #7

Conductor has a lot of promise, I’m unable to use it at the moment since there’s no way to add css classes to elements but I’ve got my fingers crossed and once (if it does) I’ll be using it on just about every install. I bought in to the beta and even though I’m unable to use it at the moment I feel it’s important to fund low-cost projects like these. Heck even if the functionality I want never makes it in there may be someone out there who gets inspired to make a conductor competitor that does do what I need.

(Matt Medeiros) #8

ct_roy thanks for the support :slight_smile:

@petercralen I’ll tweet out your gift to transfer ownership of your license or leave it here for someone to scoop it up. I appreciate your feedback of the product, we have a lot more coming for 2015 :smile:

@coreyallen Did you open a support ticket about that? Currently you can apply a class to the overall wrapper fo the widget, but we haven’t expanded it to each css, less you wrote your own CSS to target it. We did provide a hotfix for someone, just not sure if that was you.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and support, it is very appreciated.


@MattMedeiros good idea to tweet it, probably you will reach faster someone who will need it. If someone will reply feel free to transfer that license to him, I have same name there as here.

(Corey) #10

hey @MattMedeiros thanks for the reply

Yep I opened a support ticket and it was pointed out that I could use hooks for some of the functionality, I haven’t had time to try it (that was in late Nov) since I used a different plugin that let me do what I needed to do (I purchased conductor in the hopes it would remove my need for said plugin). I’m confident I’ll someday be able to add Conductor to my list of plugins I install on every site I make but it’s not quite there yet. I bought it knowing it was in beta so I’m not bummed about it.

(Mel) #11

reading about conductor plugin… did you transfer or sell your copy yet?
I would like to try it or buy it …

(Matt Medeiros) #12

Happy to answer any questions ahead of time, @melfisher

(Mel) #13

I was reading your comments about conductor… do u still have it? I would like to try or buy it…
Also why did you not like it?


(Corey) #14

Hey I’ll have to check and see if its possible for me to sell my license from the terms of service. If so I’d be happy to sell it to you. I’ve tried using it on a number of sites but it’s just not up to par for what I need for most of my work. I think I may be using it for a sidebar on one site. I’ll check and if that’s the case I can easily replace it. I’m keeping my eye on it though in hopes it gets up to where I would use it.

(Mel) #15

Hi again,
Thanks for checking on the license. what version did u buy?

I too think it needs some more features… I am trying to learn a product called toolset with types and views plugins. very powerful but takes time to learn. you might check it out…

Thank again for checking…

(lisa s) #16

I agree, there are a variety of tools available today to help do creative things with content on WP powered websites and it’s a challenge to learn multiple aspects of a tool all at one time.

As a conductor plugin user for almost a year on multiple projects- I started to use it for very simple tasks and have experimented with the capabilities over time for more complex situations.

As my client’s projects have matured and the content has expanded and evolved-- having conductor widgets in place has made it easier to say “YES” to more client requests and suggest more streamlined approaches to solving client issues.

(Alex) #17

Hi, Peter!

Can you share a Conductor plugin and license with me?

I really need this

Thank you!

(Leland Fiegel) #18

It’s generally recommended to purchase software licenses directly from the creators to support them and their businesses. You can buy Conductor here: