Constructive feedback on Nitro theme for WooCommerce

(Tony Bui) #1

Hey guys,

Me and my team invested over a year for building Nitro theme designed for WooCommerce and targeted in most eCommerce niches. Looking for the constructive feedback: design vs functionality.

For making Nitro we’ve made a deep research with what elements to put in the theme itself. For example, performance is under 3 seconds as the standard for eCommerce sites.

For more details

(Miroslav Glavić) #2

That link took 16 seconds to fully load. I am on a Windows 10 laptop using Chrome.

(Tony Bui) #3

Thanks for taking a look.

Strange thing, can you please try again and let me know.

Btw, what’s your location?

(Basilis Kanonidis) #4

Your header builder is kick - ass.

(Basilis Kanonidis) #5

you never say a good word, on any topic, like never lol

(Miroslav Glavić) #6

I am in Toronto Canada

(Miroslav Glavić) #7

I always say a good thing. Sometimes people need to learn to hear criticism.

(Tony Bui) #8

We’ve worked hard on “Header Builder” :slight_smile:, more elements are coming. Just need to finish “unit testing” to make sure that new features won’t break the current one.

(Tony Bui) #9

Can you please try again to test drive Nitro theme.

Moreover, we’ve added a new section to run random performance speed test Pingdom to make sure that each niche shows less than 3 seconds :slight_smile:

Check it at here