Custom Advanced Search


I am working on creating a website for an academic journal. I would like to have an advanced search page that is able to search robustly within articles. Currently, articles exist as pages in WordPress, with the text entered into the page. All of the text is on the page just as blocks of text, the abstract is a quote, keywords are text blocks, and the headings are various headers.

I am wondering if there is a way to search for particular parts of the text: can I create metadata tags of some sort for the author, abstract, keywords, etc and can a search be used to search just those specifically tagged bits of text? Is there a plug-in that can create a “search only abstracts” or “search only keywords” interface for visitors?

Thank you!

(Remilda Dsilva) #2

Try to use Search and Filter plugin in Wordpress

(Rahul Arora) #3

You can try facets option in SearchIQ. It works great to filter search results.