Database pull/push and WP Engine

(Alessandro Tesoro) #1

Among all the limitations that WP Engine has, there are 2 that I find frustrating.

  • Can’t use WP-CLI
  • They don’t provide SSH access

My workflow is tremendously slow. Unfortunately I can’t switch host, I don’t have control over this, so I’m stuck with it. Tasks that could have easily been done in a few minutes, now take hours.

Have you guys found a way to pull/push the database from a site on WP Engine to localhost that doesn’t involve using WordPress plugins? I know I can dump the database and do a search and replace but that’s slow. Many times I need to pull everything, including themes/plugins/media etc, to localhost. The fact that they don’t provide SSH access prevents me from using Wordmove which would have made my life much easier.

Any suggestions?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Considering WP Engine’s limitations, I don’t believe a plugin is avoidable. WP Migrate DB Pro would work great here.

That along with their “git deploy” feature makes developing on WP Engine tolerable.

(Jason) #3

Just do yourself a favor and use WP Migrate Pro. It’s a game changer.

Also, you actually can use WP-CLI, you just have to contact an agent and ask them to make the advanced developer controls available to your account. I’m not sure if you have to have a certain level of account, though. It gives you access to WP-CLI on both production and staging. Very handy. :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #4

We also don’t allow SSH on our servers at LittleBizzy, it only welcomes problems. That being said, I personally don’t find WP-CLI any easier/faster to use than your basic shell.

While I can appreciate being stuck on SSH, I think a lot of developers treat WordPress projects just like they treat any other project (Magento, Python, localhost, whatever it may be).

In short, treat WordPress as WordPress and learn to appreciate things like “plugins”… after all, these things are the reason why WordPress is the #1 CMS in the world!

WP Migrate Pro or All In One Migration can both rapidly move WP Engine (or any sites) to another.

As @leland touched on, Git also helps the super nerds; check out VersionPress too.