Developers command

(Vera) #1

Hello, I would like to find command of developers, who has some experience in developing WP Plugins. I’m a delevoper with 2 years of experience in WP development. Now I’m working on the full time job, but also I’m really would like to create something of my own(not commercial projects). If you know some sites, where are groups of developers who would like to work together, or you are interested in this suggestion, please ansver in this topic. It would be very pleasure for me to find like-minded people.

P.S: If you know russian, you may write on it)

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Do you have some idea of what you’d like to create on your own?

Are you looking to hire developers? Or partner with them?

This forum is a good place to do that, but more details would be helpful in determining who exactly.

I’m guessing something got lost in translation with the word “command” in your topic title and text. I don’t think it’s what you meant. Depending on your responses to the above questions, would you mind if I altered your thread title to better reflect what you’re looking for?