Development sub-categories?

Any thoughts on splitting Theme, Plugin and Core to their own sub-categories under Development?

I’ve been discussing the issue of categorization with @leland the past couple of days. With a forum dedicated to WordPress, it’s easy to branch out into 30 or more categories which is just too much. The thought process right now is that the forum overall is about WordPress. This has us wondering if there should even be a category called WordPress.

I think with the right category structure, there’s no need to have a WordPress category.

I think Plugins and Themes should be top level categories since the entire forum is about WordPress. Any topic dealing with Plugins should go into plugins just like any topic related to Themes should go into the Themes category regardless if it’s about development, etc. As I mentioned earlier, doing sub-categories can quickly be overwhelming which is why Generalized Top Level categories are what I think would work best overall.

These are just my thoughts on the organization of the forum. Nothing is set in stone.

I agree categories could get out of hand quickly, but I think some use of sub-categories 1 level deep could help organize topics.

Examples from the Discourse forum

It does seem silly to have a “WordPress” category… maybe call it “Core”

So, Development as a parent category which is for generalized WordPress development topics while Themes, Plugins, and Core as child categories?




  • Development
  • Core
  • Themes
  • Plugins

All topics from Core/Themes/Plugins will show up under Development

So if someone starts a thread to talk about a Plugin they’re developing Development-Plugins would be the correct place for it. What about the Plugins parent category. I guess that would be used to share, spread the news, or discuss plugins in general? I just don’t want to end up having to move a lot of topics to different categories all the time.

Ok, added Core, Themes, and Plugins as sub categories to Development. Also created a General category for discussions about WordPress. This replaces the WordPress category. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

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I’m leaning towards leaving the category structure pretty flat for now.

Like for example:

“What’s your favorite ecommerce plugin?” could go in the Plugins category.

“What are the best practices for sanitizing user input in plugins?” could go in the Development category. Even though it’s worded for plugins, it applies also to core and theme development.

When the forum grows we could revisit this, and move existing posts around as needed.