Did AffiliateWP disappear from Github?

(J-F Arseneault) #1

I know that AffiliateWP was previously available on the AffiliateWP github, as we gad a cron job to pull the latest copy… it stopped working about 2 weeks ago, but I can’t find any announcement anywhere as to why it disappeared…

Since Pippins had typically been very transparent about his (business) decisions, I was wondering if anyone else had seen this?

Google had de-indexed every link to it, but DuckDuckGo still shows it on page 1, when searching for https://duckduckgo.com/?q=affiliatewp+github&t=hg&ia=web

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Hmm, I’m not an AffiliateWP user but it looks like the core AffiliateWP repo is no longer available to the public.

Premium plugins have been made public/free on GitHub before to encourage open source collaboration, but perhaps there is also concern that doing so reduces sales.

I’m guessing you are a license holder? I’m not sure what your deployment process is like but there must be some alternative way to automate updates like you are used to.

Maybe the cron job can run a wp cli command instead to retrieve updates.

@pippin has an account here, in case he’d like to comment.

(Pippin Williamson) #3

We took the repository (and our others) private about two weeks ago.

From the beginning we have always had our premium plugins hosted in public repos in order to better facilitate open source contributions from developers and users alike. We knew there was some potential for risk doing that but it was something I felt very strong about and still do.

Unfortunately what we’ve seen over the last three years is not what we had hoped for. There were contributions from time to time that were greatly appreciated and valuable, but what we saw more of was people taking advantage of the public repo. The purpose of it was not to give non-buyers a place to download it free of charge nor get a free “trial”; the purpose was to improve developer access and contributions.

I wish we could continue to leave the repositories public but unfortunately them being public was hurting us more than it was helping, at least that is what we believe based on the data available to us.

Any developers wishing to have access to it again are more than welcome to request access. Simply send us an email through the support page of our website(s).

(J-F Arseneault) #4

Hi Pippin,

Thanks, that helps me understand, and I can certainly appreciate the reason why you did this. I am contributing to the WP core as GTE for the fr_CA locale, and know how hard it is to get people to contribute.

As for Github, I guess I was wondering, as you’d always been so transparent in the past regarding your business / technical decisions and forthcoming in providing perspective, if I had missed some announcement… I may not be alone… maybe this could make an interesting blog post :slight_smile:

Might be interesting to know if similar plans are in motion for EDD as well.

For me, Github availability doesn’t matter much anyway, we’ll buy a licence for our simple needs which the Affwp plugin without add-ons fulfills.

And if you need/want fr_CA translations, let me know :wink: