Did WooCommerce just hire Donald Trump, or is Automattic Bat Shit Crazy?


I am not even sure where to start with this one, but here goes…

Last week I got a bill from WooCommerce kindly letting me know I was due to pay $10,000+ for the extensions I own. At first I thought it was an accounting mistake, turned out it wasn’t and they had just doubled their renewal prices (without telling anyone). I thought that was pretty nice of them, right? Fucking marvellous I thought.

So what did I do? I emailed them of course. What else could I do? Allegedly, the renewal discount of 50% has now been removed and everyone has to pay full price. This happened without any sort of warning or courtesy message, no policy changes or website updates… Not even a whisper. No blog post, no Tweet, no Facebook announcement, no nothing… Strange, right? They didn’t even send a complimentary hooker to sweeten the deal… nor did they offer me a coupon??? WHAAATTT!!!

I wouldn’t have been so irritated if they had the courtesy to send me an email 30-60 days prior. I would have been prepared. My usual bill is just over $5k (I own a lot of plugins), and I didn’t have the extra money at the time so I had to borrow it from my business partner. I was left stranded pretty much. I didn’t know what to do and I had nowhere to turn. I was in limbo. It’s a good job I have good friends, otherwise I would have been royally FUCKED. Fucked like I’d never been fucked before.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love WooCommerce and many of the extensions they sell over there. Seriously, they’re AWESOME! And I’m also happy to pay full price for the extensions if they’re going to help me out when I need it. But part of what I pay for is support. Good support. And with WooCommerce, it’s lacking. Seriously lacking. It’s like they’ve been taking business lessons from a toddler. A naughty toddler at that! Responses can take up to a week! What are they all doing? smoking crack?

If the company was honest and upfront about these changes things would have been different. Very different. I have been a good customer of Woo over the years. Must have sent them about $100ks worth of business at a bare minimum. Easily. But not any more. Fuck that shit. They left me out in the cold and I nearly died… Never again!

So in retaliation, I have decided to release all of the extensions I have purchased from WooCommerce for free. No catches, no gimmicks. Go and download them all right now before they close me down or try to sue me. -> http://woorefugee.com.

If there is anything you need that’s not listed on the site just drop me a message and I will see if I can hook you up!

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Automattic has sent legal notices to sites with “woo” in the domain. For example, WooGPL was asked to cease using “woo” in its name, and they complied by ceasing operation there and moving to GPL Kit.

So while Automattic shouldn’t take issue with you re-distributing GPL software, they probably will over “trademark infringement” (putting in quotes because that would be up to a court to decide, not me :slight_smile:). You might be able to argue nominative fair use too.

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Also, I tried to download one addon as a test (I’m not much of a WooCommerce user), and the site served a file called daily-download-limit-exceeded.txt instead, which contained this:

Account Restricted! Limited to 3 downloads per month.
Please consider signing up to our vip program to remove this restriction.


I hadn’t downloaded anything yet at that point.

Edit: And before I even published this post, I just tried again and it seemed to work fine.


Hey man, thanks for the heads up. It’s appreciated. I will take a look at that bug, definitely shouldn’t have happened on first-try. ^^ Also; I read those articles before I created the site. I don’t believe they can enforce their ‘woo’ trademark as a domain prefix. The other guy decided to give in without taking it to court, I won’t be going down without a fight. Let’s see what happens. :slight_smile: