Discourse upgraded to 1.2.0.beta5

Upgraded to the latest beta (1.2.0.beta5) of Discourse last night.

The most noticeable change is the simplified category styles. This has been referred to as the end of clown vomit from the creators of Discourse. Now it looks much cleaner.

There are 120 fixes/changes total.

I’ve also received a couple complaints about display names not displaying next to usernames like they used to. I’ve discovered this is because the username matches the display name exactly, without spaces (i.e. “johndoe” and “John Doe”).

No idea why this is happening, but it started after I upgraded from 1.0 to the latest beta around the time I installed SSL which was 1.2.0.beta4. I left a support thread at the Discourse forum to find out more.

Update: This is by design. See this answer from Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Discourse.

Its admirably that someone goes so deeply with design.

Yeah, I suspected it might be by design, but I’m not sure I completely agree with it.

Like what if somebody had a not-so-obvious first name and people couldn’t tell at what point their first and last names were supposed to be separated?