Do I need a multilingual WPblog? Is my knowledge sufficient for the WPorg?

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I’m new here. I not a coder or a tinker-tailor but I know my way around computers and a wordpress/com site or two.

But now I’m in a different ballpark. I want to build a blog/business that can be monetized. It’s all about content, so I think I may have that covered (we’ll find out won’t we).

For what I want to do with it, some people advise me to go to wordpress/org. So I’m asking this community if my reasoning is good enough to not be too frustrated with the backend of the blog.

I need to make a blog in three languages (I can write the content in those three languages myself, so I don’t need translation plugins). So I want to buy three domain names in the three languages.

I connect those three (or more) domain names to my wordpress site so these visitors are counted on one site instead of three. Evidently this helps to boost my number of followers for which the ad agency and sponsors are paying. (If I have 20.000 folowwers in each language, I want the ad agency to count them as 60.000 instead of three time 20.000.) Is that possible or am I not understanding how things work?

Now if the above is true, I want the people that visit the .fr site to automatically see the french version without selecting the language. The .nl or .be are automatically diverted to the dutch site.

Do I need a plugin for that?

Or are there (professional and maintaned) themes that I can buy that have this functionality built in?

Or is it just a simple matter of reffering wich page opens from which adress in the built in backend on WPorg?

I am deeply gratefull for all the advice you guys 'n girls can offer.




Do I need a plugin for that?

Not necessarily, but using a plugin such as WPML will make things a lot easier for you.

Are there themes that have this functionality built in?

Especially this type of functionality should be separated from the theme. There are many themes that are compatible with WPML; you can check compatibility at

WPML can also take care of redirecting users to the different version, but your hosting plays an important part in using different domains for different languages. More information regarding that can be found here:

There are also other plugins that help with making sites multilingual, but in my opinion WPML is the best you can get and as one of the official WPML Contractors I am obviously (a little bit) biased :slight_smile: