Do you trust them

While i was looking for plugins for my site i found which sells woo plugins for $9.99. Is it legal to buy frome this site and can i trust them? also why are their prices so low for the same product?

It is legal - and I wouldn’t trust them

You’re unlikely to get up to date versions of the plugins and updates will be slow/ non-existent - and you won’t get any support if you have problems. They will probably direct you to the original authors who won’t support you since you didn’t get the plugin from them.

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Hmm, the domain was only registered one week ago and the site is barely indexed in Google. How’d you find them so quickly?

In short: no. I wouldn’t trust them. Because the entire site is one gigantic trademark violation. I might ping an Automattic lawyer just so they can send out a cease and desist and hopefully get them shut down ASAP.

It says in the footer of the site why they (think they) can do what they’re doing. WooCommerce plugins are GPL licensed.

But the gratuitous use of the Woo logo (the wpwoosale logo is literally the exact same thing as the real Woo logo, with a green circle that says “sale” …confusing much?) throughout the site and the “woo” in the domain, are ill-advised.

Some further reading:

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Registered for wpchat
Immediate post (most folks look around for a while) :slight_smile:
First post includes a link to a site registered a week ago
…aaaaaaaaaand @leland shuts that :poop: down

YEP! :thumbsup:

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Ok thanks i got tough decisions to make.

Very interesting, thanks for all the info. i guess i will then have to save money to buy from woocommerce.