Does a style tag system plugin exist for WordPress?

(Tom B) #1

Or in other words, a system where the user can select tags to show posts only from said tags, and then save their preferences for later?

Because for a while now I’ve been running a gaming news site and planning on a more general content hosting platform to go with it. As a result of this, I’ve been asking people their feedback on the site and what kind of features they’d need to consider using it more.

And one of those is the sort of tag/filter system mentioned. Basically, they said they wanted a system where they could set a bunch of filters and tags (like say, all posts marked as ‘tech’ related from the last 30 days) and then save their preferences for later.

So does that exist out there at the moment? Or is this the sort of system I should develop myself?

Because I’ve searched for such a system myself (on the plugin directory), and nothing relevant seems to come up for that. Either way, I’d like to not reinvent the wheel if a solution like this already exists, hence why I’m asking.

So yeah, does anyone here know a plugin that could be used for this setup? Or would it have to be completely custom?

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a WordPress plugin that does anything like that.

I’m thinking it wouldn’t be super complicated to set something up with RSS feeds though. Users could select from a basket of RSS feeds for specific tags, filters, etc…then view them in one centralized place.

Maybe this could be a good use for the REST API too.