EDD price variation images plugin - posted to GitHub

(Hudson Atwell) #1

Hey all,

I wasn’t sure where to put this. But it’s an island if I don’t announce it somewhere. Recently built this little piece for Easy Digital Downloads:

It lets you assign images to price variations and the images are rendered on the download page with a shortcode [edd-price-variation-images] and switching the selected variation will switch the displayed image.

Hope this helps someone. Please feel free to contribute to the code base too, if you like.

Warm regards,

(Ataur R) #2

Add few images in the description. How it will look like.

(Hudson Atwell) #3

@ataurr, good advice. If I use it again I’ll take some screenshots and remember to update the readme.md on the repo.

But it’s pretty simple. On the backend there is a pace to upload an image for each price variation and on the front end the shortcode renders the selected image at 100% width of the container. Custom CSS could be used to add more styling controls if needed.