Examples of REST API powered themes

(Leland Fiegel) #1

Let’s use this thread to catalog all the examples of REST API powered themes you see in the wild.

Anadama latest one I saw thanks to @pollyplummer’s article on WP Tavern. It is an experimental, React-based theme, designed to deliver recipe content.

Picard is another React-based theme, also considered experimental, by Automattic.

Not exactly a full-fledged theme (yet), but Jack Lenox has been posting code samples from his JavaScript Theme Tutorial on the ThemeShaper blog in this supplemental GitHub repository. Again, it uses React.

(Jack is also a contributor to the previously mentioned Picard theme.)

Have you seen (or are working on) any others? What about any non-React examples?

Experimental REST API theme based on Angularjs and Bootstrap to test
(Devin) #2

Kelly Dwan just release a recipe based React theme: https://redradar.net/2015/12/01/anadama-a-react-recipe-theme/

(Leland Fiegel) #3

This isn’t exactly a “theme” but related nonetheless. Sarah just posted ustwo: An Open Source Example of a React-Powered WordPress Site on the Tavern. The site’s source code is available on GitHub.

(Cristiano Zanca) #4

Hi , this is a very experimental and not fully working with WP features, but it could be an interesting start.

It’s very minimal and absolutely not ready for repository, I’ve posted here an article to find if someone else is interested we could improve it.

Kind regards

Cristiano Zanca