Experimental REST API theme based on Angularjs and Bootstrap to test

(Cristiano Zanca) #1

Hi to all,
and nice to meet you :slightly_smiling:

I’m a volunteer Theme reviewer @wordpress.org and WP Developer.

I’m working on a very experimental theme based on REST API, AngularJs and Bootstrap.
Is very far from WP standard theme , and I wish to know if it’s complete rubbish or if there is something good to work on.
I’d be very pleased if someone would test it and tell me honestly (if it’s a very bad opinion maybe a lie should be better :wink: ) what he thinks about it

That’s the github url https://github.com/altrovideo/greenlemon

Thank you



(Leland Fiegel) #2

Hi Cristiano,

Thanks for joining WP Chat!

JS themes are not my forte (yet) but quickly glancing at some of the other themes in the Examples of Rest API themes thread, it seems like they don’t use any template files except index.php.

I’m wondering if you creating template files for single posts, archives, pages, etc. is really necessary? I know it’s not necessary even for a non-JS theme, but it seems especially unnecessary when I’m assuming you can just route all the views through a single page.

Also, this isn’t feedback related to the theme itself, but I think you should consider changing the name of the theme. I know it’s descriptive, but I doubt Google lawyers would be very happy with you using the Angular name and logo in your GitHub project.

Notice how the themes powered by React aren’t called “ReactPress” but rather something totally unrelated. We have discussed how to name themes here in the past.

(Cristiano Zanca) #3

Hi Leland,

Thanks for the useful feedbacks!

I for sure will change the name :slightly_smiling:

You are absolutely right about better routing with single template for multiple views, is not necessary and was made only to save time to view a result.

As there is still no standards or best practices what I still don’t know is if that theme could be really a good start for building a WP theme based on REST API, or it’s better to restart from scratch following the React framework, after the Philly speach indication in WCUS 2015