Feedback on a highly specialized photography theme. Any marketing tips?


We have designed a very unique product – a photography wordpress theme which is specifically build for photographers.

It is designed to be as simple as possible, so that even a person who do not know to use wordpress can easily use it to create a new website in few minutes. It has a custom build drag and drop page builder, a custom build slideshow maker, a front-end album management system and a lot more. I am sure this can be a very useful product for photographers.

You can check the theme here -->

It would be great if you can give me some feedback. What would be the best way to promote this product? Is anyone interested in affiliate marketing? Is anyone interested in reviewing this product? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

(Nick) #2

Nice theme, good job :slight_smile:
Your questions also interest me a lot :slight_smile:

(Miroslav Glavić) #3

I personally don’t like “one-page” themes.

What is your theme different from other similar looking themes?

(Leland Fiegel) #4

I’m going to be completely honest and blunt here, so don’t take this the wrong way…

First, you should hire another designer to completely redo the theme design as well as the marketing website. They both come off as very Bootstrap-y and unprofessional.

The marketing copy to too wordy. Nobody wants to read large paragraphs of text about specific features of your theme. They want to see it in action and experience it for themselves.

For a theme that’s very functionality-focused, it might be helpful to host a live demo sandbox with something like Ninja Demo. Record a walkthrough video screencast to cover everything and use animated GIFs to quickly demonstrate specific features.

The excessive superlatives are also offputting. I would avoid phrases like “fastest lightbox” and “most easiest slideshow maker ever designed” without effectively communicating why. If you’re going to say you have the “fastest lightbox” then you should benchmark it against the other popular lightbox plugins to back up that claim.

What’s most interesting are the various (potential) plugins that can be spun off from the theme. The page builder, the slideshow, the lightbox. Can you give us more background on these? Did you custom develop them?


It is not a one-page theme. It can have as many pages as the user wants. All the albums are separate pages. User can definitely have other pages too.

It is totally different from other themes for the following reasons.

  • You can have the homepage the way you want it. This is important for photo-studios. If you check the previous themes, I have made, they all lack that homepage. All the previous themes were made for photo enthusiasts who just wants to make a website using their photos. But, this theme is made for those who want a traditional homepage plus other pages.
  • There is an easy drag and drop page builder to make it look the way the users want.
  • The album management system which makes it super easy for photographers to upload and manage their collections. There is upcoming photo-proofing options too, which will make photographer’s life easier.
  • All other parts of the site are designed exclusively with photographers in mind, like the lightbox, the photolayout in single pages etc.

Inshort, it is a whole package meant for photography sites.


Thanks for your advises.

This is the basic standard framework we have created. We were too focused on developing the backend functionality of this theme. We will be designing many ‘themes’ with these functionalities as the basic standard features.

We will be soon using Gifs instead of words so that it is more easier to understand. Most easiest slideshow because it just require photos to be uploaded from the front-end, and just click save. I think it would be more obvious if it was shown as a GIF.

We will definitely be making a video, but many more useful features are under construction, so we will be creating the video once those features are also ready. And, yes, we will make a sandboxed demo just the way you advised.

All the features - front-end album/gallery management system, photo-management system, easy front-end slideshow maker, drag and drop page builder, lightbox, and upcoming photo-proofing system are completely custom developed for this project.

Currently, the other photography themes in the market are too dependent on third-party plugins and the galleries and such looks separate from the theme itself. Also, it is quite complicated for an average user to manage various plugins from backend. We made a full complete system which works with each other seamlessly.

Now, we will be building more themes with these features as a standard.

While deciding to make each feature, we researched the existing plugins and found them to be too complicated for the normal user. Many themes these days comes with slider revolution and visual composer. Both are wonderful complex plugins which can do cool stuff, but it has a learning curve and is kinda made for web-designers rather than normal users. What we wanted was a system which can be easily used by an average internet user without needing to learn anything.

If you would like to check, we have created some more photography themes in the past too. But, they didn’t have some of these additional features or a ‘homepage’. They were designed to be used by people who just want to make a website with their photos.

If you would like, I can give you a free copy of the theme so you can check it out yourself. (PM me.)
Do you know anyone who would be interested in blogging about this?

Once again, thanks for your detailed advice.


Thanks :slight_smile:

(Yash Chandra) #8

I have one suggestion. Your landing page is too bloated with a focus on “WordPress” specific features such as Customizer etc. I get that. But to market to photographers, your landing page should focus on why it is useful to photographers. May be show some nice photos that conveys the message ? I mean in your case, “A picture is worth thousand words” fits appropriately.

Think of this way. If I am a photographer looking to build my own website, will you landing page get me interested ? I see a lot of technical and WP specific details but that is not going to make me think “Wow this is what I want to get started with my photography site”.


We have not mentioned even a single “Wordpress” specific feature in the landing page. All of the mentioned features are custom developed functionality and it is not the wordpress customizer. These features are the key selling point of our themes.

I think, you mean that we are talking more about the features of the theme. Can you suggest what else should we mention instead? I have already mentioned the usefulness like easiness, fastness, responsive etc.

I think my current target market is those who already know what is wordpress but wants a good theme for it. I think they may see different themes and even compare the features. Later on, I would like to expand it to those who do not know about wordpress by offering hosted solutions just like how does it.

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile: