Feedback on my latest theme - Montage

(Ben) #1

Hi - I’m working on a new theme called Montage and I’d love to get some feedback on it.

You can see the live demo here:

I’m looking for feedback on anything and everything. How things look, spacing, readability, accessibility, stuff breaking at different sizes (or just stuff breaking). In particular it would be great to hear feedback from people who buy themes. I tend to only talk to theme developers rather than theme implementers.

If you do give feedback it would be great if you could explain the why of the feedback. Not things like I don’t like X - but why you don’t like X.

In return I’d be happy to offer feedback on your themes/ websites :smile:

Thanks in advance!

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(Nicolas Lecocq) #2

Hello, I noticed two things.

  1. I think it would be good to remove the scroll bar by default when you click on the overlay toggle button.
  2. When I click on the search form, it would be better to remove the outline.

Otherwise, the theme is great :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Very nice theme! A few things I noticed:

  1. Not sure how I feel about the three dot toggle in addition to to the hamburger menu on mobile. Would it be possible to combine these into one?

Not quite the same, but the Eighties theme does a good job combining widgets into a single toggled screen. You’ll probably have to use jQuery to move stuff around in Montage though.

  1. On mobile widths, the index/archive posts associated with short images are causing spacing and overflow issues.

Since the whole theme revolves around having variable height images, one way to handle this would be to simply display the text below the image when everything breaks to one column, even though you’re kinda compromising the “desktop experience” to make it work.

That or limiting the amount of text by setting a max-height (maybe combined with dotdotdot) to make sure it doesn’t overflow past a certain point, but that may look weird on the posts with tall images, and would have to be careful a “double ellipsis” isn’t displayed if using dotdotdot.

  1. Everything else, like the primary nav menu, single posts, comments, typography, etc. all look solid to me.

For accessibility, and just general experience, I think it would be best to keep the outline as-is.

This. You’ll notice there’s a “double scrollbar” when the menu overlay is active. One for the overlay, and one for the page beneath it. This can be solved with a carefully placed overflow: hidden.

(Ben) #4

Thanks for the feedback - that’s awesome! :smile:

I totally hadn’t seen the scrollbar thing. I use a Mac and they don’t show the scrollbars unless you scroll. Using overflow:hidden is a nice elegant fix as well.

Good catch on the responsive sizes too. I thought I had set the excerpts to hide on narrower screens but it seems not. I shall change that as well. I quite like the idea of shifting the content around so the excerpt is under the image but that would change the feel of the theme too much I think.

The ellipsis menu is hidden by default and only shows if there are widgets in the ‘overlay sidebar’ or there is a social menu setup - so it’s up to the user if it displays or not. As such I think I will leave it as is. Plus - as you say - it would require some javascript to move the content around which feels a bit messy to me.

(Brin Wilson) #5

Lovely looking theme - and quite original. I, at least, have not seen anything quite like that before! :smile: On this page: - I see a lot of blank space at the top right of the screen… is that intentional? It looks kind of wasted/empty…

(Ben) #6

thanks for the feedback. Great to hear you like the theme :smile:
Regarding that space - I can see what you mean entirely.

The reason for the space - is ensuring a readable line length on the category description. I’ve increased the size a bit to reduce the space but there’s still a sizable gap.

On other themes I have centered the title and description - but that doesn’t really work in this theme since almost everything is left aligned.

I can’t think of anything better to do with the space - so I don’t think I’ll change it further. My assumptions with this are:

  1. most people won’t make use of category descriptions anyway
  2. those who do use category descriptions probably don’t have them as long as the one in the demo.
  3. the width is set with a max-width - so mobile users/ users with smaller screens will see a smaller/ no gap.