Feeling overwhelmed by CSS resets? (!)


It probably sounds silly, but the css reset aspect of the theme I’m developing to sell is completely crippllng my ability to complete it! Scrolling through normalize and the twentynineteen stylesheet makes me feel annoyed and extremely anxious for some reason. I know I can just include normalize.css with my theme, but I feel like I should KNOW and remember these things.It’s also not fun to have extra code when you prefer things clean and compact.

(Daniel Iser) #2

My advice. Quickly get over it. They are required due to the massive differences in how browsers work. You can go without them but quality of your theme just went down drastically.

If you absolutely detest looking at them, invest the time setting up gulp or Webpack + NPM/Bower so you can just use sass and add a single line at the top to import them cleanly into your final .min.css file without you ever laying eyes on them.

Build tools take a bit to learn and set up, but things like file watchers that regenerate your stylesheet and hot load it to your browser every time you save without having to refresh are huge time savers.

No need to know all those rules, much better to spend your time learning webpack and using imports so you always have the latest browser fixes at your disposal.

Think If you applied your thought process here to other aspects of life, do you know and understand every component, wire and fluid in your car every time you drive? If your a gearhead like me then maybe yes, but you get the point. Sometimes things just work, if you don’t need to understand the nuance, spend the time on things that matter like getting to your destination, or in this case getting your theme published :wink:


I would hug you for this if I could. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank You for taking the time to put it all into perspective for me!

(Daniel Iser) #4

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes you need to do a deep dive, other times your just tricking your brain into allowing you to sidetrack yourself.

I’m guilty of it myself :wink: