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A recent thought crossed my mind, and I wanted to reach out to everyone here for a conversation. When I talk about WordPress, a lot of things come up - business, solutions, websites, and community. All of a sudden I realize, how has WordPress completely changed the perception of online businesses - and made setting up a business extremely accessible for everyone. But, I particularly also believe that for anyone who is deciding to build their business on WordPress, the learning curve is very steep. For e.g, there is a huge gap in finding the solutions and stating the problem. There are problems and there are solutions, but there isn’t any proper bridge to map those problems with solutions.

If you’re a developer, you still have to go through some research to understand what products you would need. If you’re someone who is non-technical, then the curve just extends.

I’m reaching out to this community to understand everyone’s perspective on this. I would love to know if there are any agreeing or disagreeing comments to this point of view.

Samrat Roy,

Hi Samrat, I agree with you. As a matter of fact, I think this is a really valid point but also one of the many things that makes WordPress great.

The learning curve is relatively steep for newcomers because there are an overwhelming number of options available. On the other hand, every developer has a preferred framework, a preferred hosting environment, a preferred plugin to do x, y and z. And, it goes without saying, there are typically good reasons for this. Not only does this allow for healthy competition but it also prevents the entire community from relying on just one development company to carry their sites forward. Something which I’m grateful for because it means if one company is known for substandard support/bug-fix timeline then this is something that I’d take into consideration when choosing a plugin (over say something like number of features).

To the point you made earlier in your post, I agree. With plugins like BuddyPress, bbPress and the newer BuddyBoss platform just to name a few examples (which I’ve heard great things about), it’s clear to see how powerful and flexible WordPress is. I think the key here is that better is extremely subjective – as in, what me and you find better might not be what the next 100 developers find better.

Do you see what I mean?

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Alex Panagis

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@alexjpanagis - That’s so true! While at one point, there is this framework which developers generally follow and for them choosing a plugin is comparatively easier because they have been with WordPress for some time now, but even if they have to understand about a newer plugin - either they have to test the free version or take the route of reading about that plugin if anyone has written something on it. On the other hand, there are new users coming into WordPress who practically have no idea about where to start from and for them, places like ThemeForest look a great option to buy plugins but again it has its own cons & ultimately ruins WordPress’ experience as a whole.

Do you particularly believe that a place should exist where there are plugins listed, and every plugin has to itself pros & cons against it - all generated by WordPress users(people who have used the plugin) themselves?

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There is definitely a place for that, and yes, it is a bit unfortunate that beginners who are just coming in and haven’t yet had the time to do their research dive onto there and then end up using bloated multipurpose themes instead of themes like GeneratePress, WP Page Builder, Astra etc.

This is an interesting idea, do you have any idea what it would look like and are you suggesting that you’re going to create something like this?

I mean the official WordPress plugin repository comes to mind but that on its own has its limitations in judging a plugin by merit and also has quite a few half-baked plugins on it.

Hey Alex,

Glad that you resonate with the thought! Yes, I do have something like this is mind, however at the initial I wanted to understand if the problems resonate across different WordPress communities :slight_smile: The idea which I have is something like - a community-driven platform, which will help WordPress users find the best product for their needs, based on feedback from actual WordPress users themselves. Imagine it as a product directory site with an emphasis on user opinions. what do you think about something as such?